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All Caspari products are protected under copyright.  The use or adaptation of Caspari products in the creation or manufacture in your own products for sale or commercial purposes is not allowed under any circumstances.  This includes, but is not limited to, decoupaged and collaged items.  Creating derivative art, crafts and objects for sale is a direct violation of our licensing agreements with artists and museums from whom we license our artwork.  Our agreements with these artists and museums encompass specific products only, and Caspari does not have the right to grant permission for use to third parties.  By using Caspari products in your items, you are utilizing another artist’s work without their permission and violating the copyrights that protect their artwork and reputations.  Caspari reserves the right to pursue legal action against copyright infringement due to unauthorized use of Caspari products and/or licensed artwork.

Caspari expressly forbids the resale of all Caspari products, both in their original format, or manipulated into new products.  Caspari products may only be resold in their original form by  approved wholesale accounts of Caspari.